Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Store bought goodness!

A plain and simple fact of life is that food must be had. People must eat. Even on busy days, when it's hot and humid and you'd rather be collecting fallen acorns on the sidewalk, dinner has to be prepped.

Last night, due to the above-mentioned reasons, our meal was simple and store-bought! As pictured to the right, I found some organic spinach and cheese ravioli at The Merc as well as some tasty (and surprisingly low-salt) basil pesto. Voila! Boil the ravioli, toss with the pesto, and serve it up.

As a side, I made a nice little spinach salad:
  • fresh organic spinach
  • sliced organic strawberries
  • shredded organic carrots
  • thinly sliced organic plum

I wanted to toss our salad with a little dressing that would appeal to the girls so I whisked together:
- Plain organic yogurt
- Balsamic vinegar
- Fresh lemon juice
- Kosher salt/pepper

It was perfect! Abby and Elise aren't too keen yet on the fresh spinach leaves (which is why you'll find them regularly blended into smoothies here), but they did devour the rest!

Happy feasters, I'd say!

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